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Formerly:  Two Guys Custom Tees

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About formerly
Two Guys Custom Tees

Cool Designs. Quality Clothing. Excellent Service. is a retail division of Design Warehouse.  This site is used for customers of Design Warehouse to post items for sale for companies, departments and organizations.  Most of the postings are for bulk orders that gather orders from individuals to place one large order in the future.  Deadlines for orders should be listed in the item description. There will also be items listed here that Design Warehouse created and is selling in small quantities.

Two Guys Custom Tees Story

We're just two guys who happen to be married to two sisters (although they didn't know they were sisters until just last year - but that's a whole different story). One of us lives in Kansas, the other in Texas. We both design cool stuff. One of us owns a custom apparel company, the other owns a small marketing agency. We decided to join our talents and give you our best!

If you are looking for a unique shirt, we've got several and there's no minimum quantity. If you are looking for something specific, but don't see it, contact us and we'll do a custom shirt for you - with no minimum order.

We also design and print shirts in bulk - if you are needing shirts for fundraising, family reunions, non-profits, and retailers - we'd be glad to help you. 

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